Local Towing

We provide towing services and assistance within the Roanoke Valleyand surrounding areas.

Long Distance Towing

We provide Long Distance Towing Services within Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee with a 24-48 hour notice.

Equipment Hauling

We haul equipment 30,000 pounds and under..

Picking up a Towed Vehicle

If we have towed your vehicle, we want to help you recover your vehicle as quickly as possible. You must have the following items with you when picking up your vehicle from our facility:

  1. Proof of ownership (must provide ONE of the following)
    1. We make every effort to protect your personal property while it is on our secured lot. The following policies ensure that only the vehicle owner has access to the vehicle.
      1. Current registration
      2. Title with your name printed on it. Open titles (a title that has been signed over to you but not registered at the DMV) are not acceptable.
      3. If you are picking up a vehicle you have rented, we will obtain approval from the rental company to release vehicle.
  2. Photo identification (must provide ONE of the following)
    1. Current driver's license
    2. Government identification cards (state or federal)
    3. Picture identification cards generated by a reputable agency, i.e., DMV, banks, schools, employer, etc.
  3. Acceptable form of payment
    1. Cash
    2. Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express
    3. NO Personal Checks
  4. Normal Office Hours
    1. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
  5. If you are not able to pick up your vehicle right away or if your insurance company is handling disposal of your vehicle, you will be allowed to retrieve personal property. The following items will NOT be removed from the vehicle:
    1. Mounted Speakers
    2. Radios/CD Players/cassette players/DVD players - Unless aftermarket system is installed
    3. Wheels and tires
    4. Anything permanently mounted or attached to the vehicle
    5. Any part of the vehicle that aids in the operational functions of the vehicle
    6. License plates may only be removed after proper payment arrangements have been finalized.

Certified Letters

If you have received a certified letter from us, it is because the Department of Motor Vehicles has informed us that you are the last registered owner of the vehicle described in the letter. As the owner of this vehicle, you are responsible for all accrued towing and storage charges from the time the vehicle enters our lot.

Failure to claim your vehicle within thirty (30) days from the date it was towed or fifteen (15) days from receipt of the notices, and failure to pay all fines and fees, shall be deemed a waiver by you of all rights, title and interest in the property and shall constitute consent to the state of all property at the auction date listed on your letter.

Even if the vehicle is sold at auction, you will still be responsible for all unpaid charges less the amount recovered by us at auction.

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